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River City Carpet Cleaning uses the latest upholstery cleaning methods to safely clean your delicate lounge suite upholstery. Your fabric upholstery will be clean,
deodorized and dry in no time. As you can see in the photo below our upholstery cleaning services can clean a very soiled microfibre sofa or couch with great results.
All of our upholstery cleaning includes deodorising and stain removal. We also recommend and apply Fabric Protection to prevent future stains.

                Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane to Ipswich Qld

Fabric upholstery cleaning Step 1     Identify fibres and any possible problems with the upholstery.Upholstery cleaning a dirty microfibre lounge suite and you can really see the difference

 Step 2     Apply appropriate upholstery cleaning solution.

 Step 3     Extract and rinse fibres.

 Step 4     Apply neutralising solution & groom lounge suite upholstery.

                        Apply fabric protection if needed.   

We clean all types of upholstery fabrics including -


One of the most versatile fabrics available. Can be mixed with various blends, used for both household and industrial goods. Derived from the Mallow Family it is able to withstand high temperatures and can be upholstery cleaned frequently. As well, it readily accepts various forms of dyes and colouring and is the basis for which Rayon is blended with both wool and linen.


The original Jacquard loom was often regarded as one of the best machines ever made. The unique feature of Jacquard is its control of individual warp (Vertical) thread in forming the shed for each weft (Horizontal) thread.
You will find hundreds of these threads can be used to form detailed patterns on the loom. This allows for new designs and weaves to come into the market. Australia is producing some extremely well designed durable jacquards where overseas markets are taking notice.


First extracted from the bark of the flax plant is one of the oldest fabric fibres. When harvested in late summer it produces the finest linen. Since the fibre is hollow it absorbs moisture and does not have the elasticity that most other fibres have. Linen repels lint, hair and other foriegn particles. Linen is often blended with cotton and nylon.

Microsuede - Micro Fibre.

Is woven from the finest microdenier polyester yarns. Has excellent durability, easy to clean, excellent colour fastness and is often used in the commercial market due to its qualities. Our upholstery cleaning has great results on this type of fabric.


As a synthetic fibre it is strong, elastic and abrasion resisitent. It was first produced in the United States in 1939. The raw materials to produce nylon are obtained from petroleum natural gas, air and water.


Olefin (Polypropylene and polythylene) is a petroleum product derived from propylene and ethylene gases. Both fibres are resistant to Moisture. Olefin is strong, abrasion resisitant, colourfast and soil resistant. Its fibres have the lowest density of all manufactured fibres, making it very light weight.


Produced from fibre forming material made from elements derived from coal, air, water and petroleum. First produced in the United States in 1953. Polyester fibres are strong, abrasive ,crease and mildew resistant and retain its shape. It responds well to upholstery cleaning.

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